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Since the pandemic started and everyone has been working at home, I’ve had a real desire to develop a healthy work/life balance.

Particularly for people with families, and young children especially, it is so important for your home life that when you get home from the office that you’re not gawking on social media all night.

I’ve often said that attention is the absolute most important aspect of social media, but your family needs attention too.

So in a world that’s ‘always on’, how do you keep an effective work/life balance? Here are 5 tips on making sure you don’t…

This is a short message to say — “Simply talk to your audience”.

In the next 24 hours, I want you to take some time with your social channels and talk to someone. Just use your brand account just to connect.

Ask a question, get an opinion, answer a question, give an opinion, just connect.

We tend to forget that these are real people out there, so just relax today, don’t worry about graphics or visuals. I want you to take today and focus on the humans, the people on the other side.

If you have nailed down your audience…

So I’ve got some bad news for you, in my experience “videographers” don’t always get social media.

Before you pay out for a videographer to come and give you a promo video, take a few tips from me, with experience at both ends of the spectrum.

I started my career as a graphic designer, working mostly on print media, but dabbling in web design. At one point we held an event and I was tasked with shooting video interviews with the speakers. This was maybe ten years ago.

These were incredibly dull conferences, and incredibly dull speakers. Even if you…

We’ve all been forced in recent months to really adopt the virtual meeting, webcams and online events with the pandemic.

There is valuable content to be gleaned from your Zoom calls and events, and it’s easier to utilise than it ever would have been before, to populate your social channels, and give value to your audience.

If you’re in the events business, you probably have suffered quite a bit over the pandemic, but if you’re turning to online events via any provider, including the go-to Zoom application, don’t let your valuable content go to waste. …

First and foremost when you take your self or your business live on a social network you need to play the game in context.

That means, producing content for that platform. Use the tools it provides and stay tune with what the audience there expects. Here are five things you can do to make sure you’re “fitting in” on Twitter.

  1. Show behind the scenes: We talked about this before, but some behind the scenes photos or short videos are a great way to boost interest in your business in the long term. …

Creating a never ending stream of content to keep your audience engaged with your social channels can be a tough job, especially if you’re new to this and don’t know what to produce.

Well the good thing is that you don’t even really need to think about it too hardwhen your creative juices aren’t flowing.

Think about this, when your creative ideas start to wane, it’s OK to shift gears for a while until something comes to you. This is where you really get to show your personality and bring your audience along on the journey with you.

Thisis when…

Corporate social media is the most soul-destroying place.

There, I’ve said it.

I was sent a tweet today — the culprit will remain unnamed — with a comment on how unbelievably boring it was.

It included a screenshot from a terribly dull PowerPoint presentation being sent through a Zoom conference, and the author had typed a few delightful words about how this dull legal conference was happening.

It got me thinking about how that message could be better sent and how the big corporates should approach this.

So here are 3 things that larger companies really need to do to…

Video as a medium on social has been dominating our feeds and is only going to continue to grow.

But not all videos are equal.

This is the day and age where you don’t necessarily need a fancy production to make your video really work for you. In fact, sometimes the production can be a hinderance to engagement.

People now want to see people online, they don’t want to see brands. They want personalities and someone to relate to. This is where video will give you the best shot at connecting at a deep level with your audience.

So here…

I saw a video recently that included separate interviews from celebrities over the years talking about how they achieved their goals through visualisation.

Visualisation is the practice of literally meditating on your goals, bringing them to the front of your mind daily, then of course putting in the work to make them happen.

The result doesn’t come without the work, but it’s the constant and repetitive visualisation that kept their minds and bodies working, and motivated to achieve their goals.

Now, how does this fit into your social content strategy. Well, it’s easy to start a Twitter account and aim…

Ask yourself not “What am I going to sell”, but “Who am I going to serve”?

When we’re kids, we all know what we want to be when we grow up. Usually a spaceman or a wrestler for me.

Then I grew up and that shifted to what skills and talents have I got that I can turn into a job.

But never have I sat down and really worked out, not what am I going to do to help people with my business, but WHO am I going to help with my business.

That makes life a lot easier…


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