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FIVE WAYS to NAIL your first video

Video as a medium on social has been dominating our feeds and is only going to continue to grow.

But not all videos are equal.

This is the day and age where you don’t necessarily need a fancy production to make your video really work for you. In fact, sometimes the production can be a hinderance to engagement.

People now want to see people online, they don’t want to see brands. They want personalities and someone to relate to. This is where video will give you the best shot at connecting at a deep level with your audience.

So here are a few tips on creating your first video.

  1. Relax, and be yourself

Before you start, remember that this can be as raw as you want it to be. You don’t need an editor, you just want to come across as yourself, not a scripted and edited version of yourself. See your audience and customers as a group of your closest friends. Speak to them like you would your inner circle, and they’ll appreciate it.

2. Get the lighting right

Yes, this can be raw, so you don’t need massive production value, but the top thing to do is just be sure your background is clear from clutter that will distract your viewer from your message, and make sure there is light on your face. If there is light behind you, it’s going to look awful, so turn around, face a window if you have to, or invest a small amount in a desktop light if you’re going to make this a regular thing (which you should!).

3. Bulletpoint your message — don’t script it

If you script yourself and try to read it, you’ll invariably sound like your not really very genuine. Unless you’re extremely good, I’d recommend you give yourself maybe three touch points to hit and make sure you land those messages. Any more and it may get muddled, any less and you’re maybe not givign enough value.

4. Get your energy up

Before you go live, or even just record your video, get your energy flowing. Remember, your audience is just waiting on that next kick of serotonin from the next cat video on their feed. If you’re not direct, you’ll lose them. Get your message across and get out.

5. Don’t think about it too much

It’s quite likely if you’re new to this that you’ll get to the end of your video and watch it back, then decide to rerecord it, or delete it. Thsi is where I really need you to be strong. Just post it. It doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, most times imperfect is better. So just post it, and if you want to refine your style or process, do it on the next one. Right now you just need the experience.

There you go, five solid tips to nailing your first, or next video for your business. You can listen to an audio version of this blog here:

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