How to make your ZOOM event into HIGH VALUE social content

We’ve all been forced in recent months to really adopt the virtual meeting, webcams and online events with the pandemic.

There is valuable content to be gleaned from your Zoom calls and events, and it’s easier to utilise than it ever would have been before, to populate your social channels, and give value to your audience.

If you’re in the events business, you probably have suffered quite a bit over the pandemic, but if you’re turning to online events via any provider, including the go-to Zoom application, don’t let your valuable content go to waste. You need to use this on your socials to show just how great your event was and bring people in to your next one.

Here are a few tips on milking your Zoom account for all it’s worth on social.

  1. Record everything!

If you’re hosting a public event (or a private one), ALWAYS remember to hit the record button. Of course, get the permission of your speakers first, but this is where you can start to get all the value from your event for your social channels. Once you have that MP4 video file, there are loads of things you can do with it.

2. Turn it into a podcast

Simply take the video file you’ve now got and upload it to a provider like Anchor to create a really valuable podcast episode. You may wish to do a bit of editing to your audio, or add in an open and closing clip, but you can pretty much do all of this within the Anchor app. Alternatively, download Audacity, for a free and powerful audio editor that will allow you to even cut your event down into multiple episodes. Remember the aim here is to give as much value as possible, not information overload, so break it into chunks then spread it over days or even weeks.

3. Fill your channels with audio clips

Here you want to take the little nuggets of gold from your event and turn them into very short audio clips. Now, at this time the major social channels don’t support audio natively, but services like Wavve and Canva make it easy to place your short audio clips into little animated videos. It doesn’t take much technical expertise to do, so give it a try. You could get 10, 20, 50 or even more high impact audio clips from an online event when you break it all down, then you’ll be able to show just how important it is for your audience to sign up for the next one.

4. Long form video works

There are more and more long form video platforms out there now for indepth content like this. So consider your options here in terms of placing your event, or your individual speeches on YouTube and Facebook. These are the main two for long form video, though others exist. LinkedIn and Instagram (IGTV) allow up to 10 minutes for most accounts so keep them in mind too depending on your audience.

5. Repurpose these videos as graphics, illustrations and text

Now if your chance to look back at this footage and start to look again at the content and pull out quotes from your speakers. It’s OK to use text sometimes too, yes photos and videos are all the rage but feel free to mix it up with a good old-fashions text tweet for a change. It almosts stands out as uncommon and gains an attention of its own as a result.

There are just five things to do when you host your next Zoom call or online event. You really need to look at every situation in your business and think of how you can start to glean as much content as possible from the things you’re already doing.

Think of it like you’re creating your own reality TV show, and you’re the cameraperson, the editor and the network!

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