WHO are you trying to reach?

Ask yourself not “What am I going to sell”, but “Who am I going to serve”?

When we’re kids, we all know what we want to be when we grow up. Usually a spaceman or a wrestler for me.

Then I grew up and that shifted to what skills and talents have I got that I can turn into a job.

But never have I sat down and really worked out, not what am I going to do to help people with my business, but WHO am I going to help with my business.

That makes life a lot easier, because the truth is, when you’re too wedded to your product, or your message, you lose sight of who you want to hear it or buy it.

But when your focus is on the market you want to serve, then the business ideas and then the social content ideas come flowing.

I suppose if you’re too focused on your business, you could be selling a product that nobody wants to buy, or at least the people your marketing to don’t want to buy. Whereas if you take the time to get focused on your niche, really focused on your niche, you will get to know exactly what they want, how they want it and when you’re going to give it to them.

Take some time to write down the characteristics of your ideal customer. Write a profile including where they live, their age, gender, social status, level of disposable income, everything you possibly can. Even give this person a name, then you’ll know who you’re selling to.

I’m going to call him Bob.

Write this profile on a sheet, draw a picture if you want to, pin it to your wall. The every time you’re creating content, or marketing your business as yourself if “Bob” would like this.

Once you have nailed down who your “Bob” is, start to listen to him. I mean, really listen him.

Get tuned in to the social channels he uses, the groups he’s a part of, the Twitter chats he takes part in, or the types of content his competitors create.

Then start to answer the questions, solve the problems and serve exclusively your “Bob”.

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